Mary, Martha and Lazarus as Spirit, Soul and Redeemed Body


Every person in the biblical account represents something within an individual believer living in the end times. With this inward view applied to every verse, we can see the interacting of soul and spirit with Jesus that brings this person into spiritual perfection and then the redemption of their physical body.
Will believers be lifted off the earth in a Rapture or will they remain here on earth in the fullness of Christ ministering as He did when He walked among us 2000 years ago? Mary, Martha and Lazarus as Spirit, Soul and Redeemed Body sheds light on this enigmatic subject in such a way that readers will be encouraged to learn to study the Bible at a deeper level and come to their own conclusions in this matter.



Excerpt from Chapter Four of Mary, Martha and Lazarus

John 11:19 And many of the Jews came to Martha and Mary, to comfort them concerning their brother (v. 19).

As we grapple with the dilemma of sickness, aging and the inevitability of death (Lazarus), we need our religious beliefs and traditions (Jews) to help us cope with these problems. Some of us have the hope that Jesus will come before we face death and in this we find comfort. Many Christians believe Jesus heals physical bodies today just as He did two thousand years ago and rely heavily upon the healing Scriptures and positive confession. Others wear medals related to certain saints around their neck or carry with them a handkerchief prayed over by some healing evangelist to ward off sickness and death. There are many religious beliefs we call upon—some of these are true and some are false. As we shall see later in our study of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, there will be a time when these beliefs will be separated and all religious error will leave and only truth will remain.

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