Patricia’s prayer ministry for satanic ritual abuse began in 1992. During the ensuing years she has dedicated many hours a day to working closely with ritually abused people who have been sexually abused and systematically tortured by their family and powerful satanic cults. People in need of this help struggle constantly with deep emotional problems so severe that they often find themselves in extremely difficult life situations, unable to find help and struggling financially. Their only hope is in God and healing through intensive prayer, loving support and gentle scriptural guidance.

Patricia does not receive a wage from any institution nor charge the recipients of her ministry which is supported simply by faith and donations. Her deepest desire is for others in the church to realize that they may be called to do as she has done and that the church, although it doesn’t know it, has all that is needed for these desperate individuals to find healing. Unfortunately the church most often refers them to expensive mental health professionals who have poor records of success in dealing with this anomaly.

This ministry goes beyond satanic ritual abuse to encourage the church regarding other end time issues such as: entering into the full stature life of the Lord Jesus Christ, learning to study the Bible for revelation, rising up into Divine health, and reexamining the church’s focus, form and function (Dr. Stoner Clark’s ministry).

Your contribution will help keep this ministry flowing out to needy persons all over the world via Skype, email, articles, books and videos. You can give a onetime donation or even a regular repeating one which can be stopped at any time. Thank you for your support!