Healing the Abused

One Day Seminar Training
Ministering Effectively to Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse,
Human Trafficking, and Pedophilia

Speaker:   Patricia Baird Clark, author of Restoring Survivors of Ritual Abuse: equipping and releasing God’s people for Spirit-empowered ministry, and four other books related to this topic, has been successfully ministering to survivors of human trafficking, pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse for over twenty-five years. Since 2000 her ministry has reached thousands worldwide through her two websites, YouTube channel and books.

Morning Sessions

Session 1: Defining human trafficking and how it relates to pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse; its pervasiveness in governments worldwide, religion, the entertainment industry, business corporations and neighborhoods; Are memories real? Why does God permit it? Question and answer time.

Session 2: The scope of the abuse and the need for many lay-ministers; why one must be called to the ministry; how to recognize the trafficked in our midst; making the church a safe place. Question and answer time.

Session 3: What goes on in rituals (no specific details will be told so no need to fear hearing this information); why some children are chosen to die and others are chosen to live; the living sacrifice and dissociation; the twisting of Scripture. Question and answer time.

Afternoon Sessions

 Session 4: How to reach dissociated parts and minister to them; different kinds of parts and how they function; the structure of the inner world; magic surgery; the safe place. Question and answer time.

Session 5: How the demonic realm works in and through abuse; legal rights; how to do deliverance ministry; how perpetrators draw power from their victims. Question and answer time.

Session 6: Understanding the abuse identity; Satanism in our churches; growing in discernment. Question and answer time.

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Conference manual: Book, Restoring Survivors of Ritual Abuse. For more information on seminar topics please visit www.HisPresenceOnline.org