Spiritual Warfare in Satanic Ritual Abuse


It is impossible to successfully minister for satanic ritual abuse without encountering and dealing with demons. The whole purpose of the abusive rituals is to call up demons from hell and “harness” them to fulfill the perpetrators’ demands for power and self-gratification. Demons of power are put into the SRA victims during rituals and then accessed at will by the perpetrators through rape. By use of demons and programming, perpetrators are able to control their victims and even draw powers from them from a distance. This makes SRA ministry difficult because no one really knows where the demons are or how they operate since this is all done in the unseen realm of spirit.

This cover of secrecy is removed by the inward, spiritual interpretation of Daniel 11 disclosed in this book. Here the king of the north is identified as being the ruling demon of shame in the victim, and the king of the south symbolizes the demons used by the perpetrators for control. Each verse reveals something about their interaction and function. It also explains how this is all leading to the establishment of the Antichrist spirit to rule the world. However, our Prince, the Lord Jesus Christ, working through his purified, end-time church spoils their plans.



The lives of untold multitudes of people have been deleteriously affected by satanic ritual abuse, a kind of abuse that intentionally instills demons in its victims to keep them controlled and in bondage to the Devil. Unless these people turn to Christ and find help from a mature Christian who knows how to pray for them, they will spend a lifetime battling these unseen entities that hold so much power over their lives. For these people and their ministers the unseen demonic realm has been difficult to overcome due to the secrecy that pervades it.

This book lifts the cover off that secrecy by disclosing a deeply spiritual interpretation of the battles between the king of the north and the king of the south in Daniel 11. Commonly Scripture is understood historically and outwardly, but there is also an inward and spiritual understanding that lies just beneath the surface.  This spiritual view is seen here when we remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spirits of wickedness in high places. Just as there are presidents and kings in this world, they also exist in the unseen world of spirits. In Daniel 11, the king of the north represents a powerful demon of shame that rules in the lives of survivors of abuse.  This shame, that came in via childhood abuse, keeps them in darkness and depression (north).

The king of the south represents the demons that go forth from perpetrators to control their SRA victims from a distance. This understanding comes from Jesus’ words in Luke where he says that an unclean spirit goes out of a man and walks through “dry places” (the definition of south in Daniel). This spirit eventually goes and brings in seven other spirits more wicked than himself. The spiritual reality in Satanism today is that a perpetrator who desires more power will send a demon (king of the south) out to go to his SRA victim and bring back some of her/his demons of power (seven spirits more wicked than himself) for his use. Satanists in their rituals call up demons from hell and instill them in their SRA victims. These demons are then accessed for power by the perpetrators in various ways.

Most people don’t realize that Satan does not give his most powerful demons directly to a perpetrator. The most powerful ones are instilled in the SRA victim during rituals. In order to access these powerful demons, the perpetrators have to do some evil thing to further ruin the life of their victim who is their living sacrifice. The laws of powerful, successful living in Jesus Christ are revealed in Scripture. The Devil takes these laws and perverts them for his own use. For example regarding power, the Word says: “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God…” Romans 12:1). Any Christian who truly walks with God knows that power and victory over the enemy comes when we “die to self” i.e. present ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. Of course, no Satanist is going to die to self for anyone or anything, hence his victim does the daily dying and he gets the powers (demons) through sexual abuse giving him rights to later send forth demons from a distance (king of the south) to use whenever he perceives he needs them. This is why some people in everyday life are sexually abused over and over again by many people. They often have no memory of satanic abuse because they dissociated and because demons block their memories.

Every verse in Daniel 11 reveals details of the spiritual forces behind satanic ritual abuse leading up to the coming of the Antichrist (a third king seen later in this Daniel passage). Evil people who want to rule the world through satanic powers must get their power by abusing SRA victims—lots of them. They travel all over the world “on business” and everywhere they go they participate in rituals. They sexually abuse enormous numbers of people. When they want their powers, they send forth their own demons and access power (bring back demons) from all the persons they raped in rituals. This knowledge reveals the importance of destroying any legal rights these people have over an SRA person. It also reveals why pedophilia and human trafficking are so pervasive today.

The end of Dan 11 reveals victorious Christians defeating the evil world powers. The book is 6 x 9, 266 pages packed with powerful information from the Scriptures to thoroughly expose the enemy’s secrecy thereby disarming him of any “power”.