Welcome to His Presence Online

Welcome to His Presence Online, a multifaceted Christian ministry for the church of the end times. On this site you will find a variety of information vital for the end times. This is the time of the harvest when you will see good and evil come into full fruition concomitantly. The fullness of good is you, the believer, coming into the fullness of Christ with divine health, the Scriptures opened in depth and your spiritual side fully awakened and in communion with God. The fullness of evil is the New World Order and satanic ritual abuse which are closely related. You will learn on this site how SRA can be fully healed when the presence of God is released to do the ministry. It is time to move from the natural into the supernatural of God! The following are some of the topics you will find here:

  1. Entering into the full stature of the Lord Jesus Christ in the end times. In Christ you can overcome and rise above the disasters that are even now threatening human life on earth. We are all facing the disasters of severe climate change, Fukushima radiation poisoning, GMO foods, economic collapse, wars and everything in between. God intends for you to trust Him for the safety and provision of yourself and your family.
  2. Satanic Ritual Abuse – Satanic ritual abuse can be fully healed when a godly prayer minister releases the Holy Spirit to do the ministry. Basic Christian principles and prayer can then be applied to each situation the Holy Spirit brings forward for ministry. The Church has abdicated her responsibility for ministry to the world of science and natural reasoning thereby blocking the power of God to heal. The ministry should be supernatural not psychological.
  3. Feasting on the wedding banquet that is already available for those who will sit at His table and use the utensils He has provided. Studies presented here will build your faith such that you will be able to rise up into that full-stature life promised in the Scriptures. Many deep Bible studies are presented here that reveal truths reserved for the great church of the end times. Principles of Bible study are provided to help you find these priceless morsels for yourself.
  4. Deep inner healing and knowing who you are in Christ will be greatly enhanced by learning to view the Scriptures from an inward, allegorical perspective rather than outward and historical. In this way God reveals the inner working of soul and spirit and helps you get the Word down into your heart so it becomes your very life.
  5. The Condition of the Church – The church is currently poised on a spiritual watershed while a cloud of witnesses tensely looks on fervently calling it onward into authenticity of faith and life. Which direction will the church flow in light of the coming apocalypse–the second coming of Christ and the bringing of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven? Will the church be willing to relinquish false paradigms, empty rituals and institutional constructs? Will the church pursue and embrace a relational and formational way that God may come to fully indwell his people? (Dr. F. Stoner Clark)