About This Ministry

Heaven or hell on earth? These are the best of times and the worst of times. Never in the history of our world has so much been at stake. We are literally on the brink of the destruction of our world as we know it, yet we are also on the Pat and Stonerbrink of heaven on earth. It all depends on our heart and our commitment to Jesus Christ.  This site is designed to help you rise above all you are facing by the presence and power of God. There are things God expects us to do to fully enter where He wants to take us. We need to go beyond the letter of the Word into the depths of revelation regarding what God has for His people in these end times. Then we are to walk in these revelations. Some of us need to face the demons of the New World Order head on as we minister to satanically ritually abused persons. The church in its present form is divided and worldly…at least this is true of the visible church. However, there is an invisible church comprised of people God has been preparing for decades to minister in Holy Spirit power and anointing that will bring the church up into the fullness of Christ. Which church will you be a part of?

Hi! I’m Patricia Baird Clark. (I like to include my maiden name because there are about 54,000 Patricia Clarks in the U.S.!) Beside me is my husband, Stoner, who has been my pastor for over forty years. I started this website in 2000 primarily to promote my first book, Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and offer articles of encouragement to survivors of satanic ritual abuse and their counselors. Over the years the site has grown to include many topics related to the end times. Over the years my husband also began to write articles for this site. His articles are mostly under the categories of church,  full-stature life and the end times.

One of the major calls on my life is Bible study, so you will find on this site the results of many years of protracted studies compiled into articles, books and videos that reveal many things pertinent to the end times. Much to my surprise, many of the strange, supernatural things I have encountered in the satanic ritual abuse ministry have shown up in my studies when I wasn’t even looking for them. Take dissociation for example. I have written a book entitled Dissociation Revealed and Healed in Scripture based on Judah and his strange experiences with Tamar in Genesis 38. I wasn’t looking for anything related to dissociation in Genesis 38, but I found it there in the first verse. The whole chapter about Judah and Tamar is explained in my book and also in my video series on this site entitled From Dissociation to Perfection Revealed in Judah. (The book, Dissociation Revealed and Healed in Scripture, is available on this site and also on Amazon in hard copy and Kindle.)

This website, His Presence Online, focuses on the presence of God coming to us through the difficulties of our lives to heal broken hearts and lead us beyond the veil into His glorious kingdom even while we are still on earth. As many of my videos and articles reveal, God intends to take His church of the end times into realms of His presence and kingdom reserved only for the church of the end times. We will face atrocities of such magnitude that humanity will only survive by the presence and power of God. It is my hope that the teachings offered here will bring great excitement and expectancy into the hearts of all those who truly love Jesus and desire to be conformed to His image.

We who are expecting the imminent return of Christ are facing the greatest evil of all times. One of these evils is satanic ritual abuse (which is closely allied with human trafficking). Multitudes living among us have been victims of SRA, the most heinous abuse known to humanity since the beginning of time. We, the church, are being called by God to minister to them and bring them out of their darkness into the glorious healing presence of Jesus. Many articles and videos on this site explain this phenomenon and how to minister by God’s power to set these people free.

Concurrently with the evil of abuse is the presence of Jesus working in his people to bring them into the perfection of His image. Abusers are coming into the fullness of evil while the people of God are coming into the fullness of Christ. We will see the harvest of the greatest evil and the greatest good of all time. Many videos and articles on this site are intended to encourage the people of God to study His Word in great depth, die to self and press forward into the kingdom of God on the highway of holiness.

There are many articles (many of them series) on this site related to end times issues such as the following:

  • Full Stature Life in Jesus Christ
  • Divine Health
  • Deborah: A Type of the Bride of Christ
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • The End Times
  • Principles of Bible Study for Revelation
  • The Church
  • Daniel
  • The Book of Revelation

On this site you will also find about 150 videos on subjects such as:

  • Book of Revelation (Covering eight chapters)
  • The Tabernacle for the End Times (18 hours of teaching)
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse Ministry (6 series)
  • Jacobs Twelve Sons (Coming into the Fullness in the End Times)
  • The Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel
  • Judah (From Dissociation to Perfection – Gen 38)

The following books are also available:

  • Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Sanctification in Reverse – The Essence of Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Spiritual Warfare in Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Dissociation Revealed and Healed in Scripture
  • Discerning of Spirits Revealed in Revelation 9
  • This Mortal Puts On Immortality
  • Mary, Martha and Lazarus as Spirit, Soul and Redeemed Body
  • The Four Living Creatures – Entering God’s Kingdom in the Age of Terror
  • The Two Witnesses Prepare the Bride (Revelation 11)
  • The Last Church Standing – Becoming the Church Jesus is Coming For
  • Searching for a Christian Response to Prepping
  • The Seraphim Ministry Arises
  • It’s Time to Build the Ark

All the books listed above are also available on Amazon in hard copy and most also in Kindle.

And last but not least, you can find here an amazing podcast of an actual deliverance in which I meet a cult-loyal alternate personality in an abused person, bring her to a belief in Jesus and cast out all her demons in 18 minutes. This is because I  have learned to give the ministry all over to Jesus and just be a facilitator of sorts.