Category: Dissociation

There is evidence in the Scriptures that dissociation is far more common than previously thought. This separation of our soul within itself makes it impossible to deal with the lies, unbelief and unforgiveness that are lodged in unreachable parts. Through our relationship with Jesus Christ we can find union with God and within our own soul. This is also a major component of SRA ministry.


Dissociation Revealed in Judah

The bizarre story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38, when viewed inwardly and allegorically, shows the process of dissociation, its effects on a life and how it is ultimately healed by Jesus. This...


Finding Healing Between the Cherubim

This article will explain the meaning of the cherubim and then show how this understanding can bring healing to the deepest levels of a wounded soul. God is calling us to meet with him...