Sanctification in Reverse: The Essence of Satanic Ritual Abuse


This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the mysteries of satanic ritual abuse and why perpetrators do what they do to their victims. Here you will see good and evil presented side by side as two rivers. The healing river of Ezekiel 47 shows how you will come into full redemption in the end times. Satanic ritual abuse, the flood flowing from the serpent’s mouth (Rev 12:15), shows this process done backwards and perverted to drag a person down into hell and the fullness of evil. Once this is understood satanic ritual abuse loses its secrecy and ministry flows forth like a healing river. Without this information the secrecy of the abuse remains a mystery making memories harder to understand and pray through.



Introduction – Releasing Jesus to do what only He can do as ministry flows out of relationship with Him.

Chapter I – Awakening of the spiritual body and spiritual mind in the end times
Chapter II – How we are configured within; understanding right-side, left-side biblically and related to satanic ritual abuse; discerning of spirits; how satanic ritual abuse gives perpetrators power; can a Christian have a demon?
Chapter III – Gates of the body; opening heaven; the holy imagination and meditation; physical healing;
Chapter IV – The Antichrist; the unholy use of the imagination; magic surgery; antagonistic alternate personalities that work against their host; the power of vows
Chapter V – The presence of God coming to the believer with specific, personal words; as we die to self we increase in God’s power; the perversion of death to self resulting in victims being made into living sacrifices for perpetrators to gain power; Freud’s contributions
Chapter VI – Why sex is so important in rituals; how spirits are transferred from person to person; hearing God more distinctly; the spiritual mind and the wheel within a wheel; evil supernatural communication
Chapter VII – Satanic powers related to the physical body; the spiritual body and the occult; an explanation of 1 Thes. 4 “the dead in Christ shall rise first”
Chapter VIII – Astral projection and spirit/soul travel; the latent power of the soul;
Chapter IX – Understanding the structure of the inner world; the pit; judgment;
Chapter X – Finding revelation in the Word; the second coming of Christ