The Seraphim Ministry Arises




Isaiah 6 describes strange creatures around the throne of God that are not seen any place else in Scripture. These are the seraphim…beings that are described as having six wings. Two wings cover their faces, two cover their feet and with the other two they fly. Are there really such strange looking creatures in heaven close to God?
Maybe this description is actually a symbolic depiction of something else. If symbolic, then perhaps they hold the secret to something God has been reserving for his people living in the end times—something not to be known in past ages but in the Word waiting to be unveiled by the Holy Spirit to his people who would need this information in the period just preceding the return of Christ.
I believe this passage in Isaiah 6 has an important message for us as Christians living in this end of the age. If you don’t believe we are in the end of an age, just look around you and see how many institutions and other things built up by humankind are crumbling and falling. We will find in the end of this era that the only things left standing are those that are rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.
As bad as things may appear, God is on his throne and he is permitting all that we are seeing take place as a prerequisite for the coming of his kingdom on earth. God is not going to place his kingdom upon mankind’s broken foundation of idolatry, selfishness and materialism. God is permitting evil to be exposed and destroyed so that in its place we will see good prevail. It may take some time before we see the good, but good always triumphs over evil and in the end and we will see this come to pass in America and around the world.
We are living in the time of the harvest. The fullness of times is upon us. We are witnessing at this time the fullness of evil (human trafficking, child sex slaves, the murder of millions of unborn babies torn limb from limb or burned to death with salt in their mother’s womb, Satanism exercised in cannibalism and the murder of children to “harvest” adrenochrome, etc.) but we are not yet seeing its counterbalance which is the fullness of good in God’s people. Why aren’t we seeing this? Because it is hidden. It is not yet time for them to be seen but they are very much in existence—just hidden away prepared without sound of hammer and chisel like the stones of the great temple of old were prepared underground (1 Kings 6:7).
I submit to you that there are two churches—one visible and one invisible. It is out of the invisible church that these people in the fullness of God will arise. Some of the invisible church is still within the visible church but for the most part they have withdrawn from institutional churches to meet as small groups in homes. The true church is often too radical for the visible church to accept. This makes them unpopular because their zeal for God convicts other Christians of their lukewarmness and makes them uncomfortable. Many churches have become business enterprises with an emphasis on money and numbers of people. Others focus on the latest self-help fad so you can gain victory over your obesity problems, your marriage problems, your financial problems or whatever else is blocking your advancement in life. All these things have effectively set Jesus Christ over to one side. He gets mentioned from time to time but he is not lifted up and glorified or given his rightful place of leadership over his church.
The Seraphim Ministry, that is soon to arise, will be working with churches to point out where they’ve gotten off track and what needs to be done to bring them back into the true gospel as it was preached by our Lord and by the early church. Christ must become the head of his church once again and the mighty ministries that will soon be arising will be greatly instrumental in placing Christ back on the throne of our hearts where he belongs. These ministers will minister in perfection and none will be able to doubt that they have been with Jesus.