The Last Church Standing


It is valley of decision time for all believers. Are you willing to be eternally satisfied with less than God called you into and Christ died to give you, or will you courageously forsake everything–including false doctrines and empty liturgies–in order to come into the full stature life in Christ? The stakes in making your decision are not only high, they are eternal. The Last Church Standing will challenge you to not only examine the authenticity of your personal faith but also question the validity of your church and ministry in the light of biblical precedent. Is God’s eternal purpose truly being worked out through the church today?



  • Introduction: Inviting the church to take an honest look at itself
  • Laying the Groundwork: Seeing the contemporary church in an historical perspective
  • Introducing Focus, Function, Form: Getting a handle on the tools of ecclesial assessment
  • The Church’s Focus: Understanding the church’s calling and purpose and ultimate end
  • The Church’s Function: Discovering the church’s true biblical and historical
    working out of its life on planet earth
  • The Church’s Form: Learning to adopt ecclesial structures that support its biblical purpose and ministry
  • Discipleship or Spiritual Formation: Discovering the transformational life in Christ
  • Life Journal as a Formational Tool: Recording God’s personal life-changing revelations
  • Where Do We Go From Here?: The challenges ahead and a look to the future

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