Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse


Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse: Equipping and Releasing God’s People for Spirit-Empowered Ministry
This powerful book explains in layman’s terms everything you need to know to successfully minister for satanic sexual and ritual abuse. When you release the Holy Spirit by prayer to do the ministry, the ministry is not difficult and SRA persons are fully healed. This is a ministry for the church not for psychiatrists. Even if you are not ministering for SRA, you may be called to the ministry and not know it. This book describes Patricia’s calling and gives some understanding of what it means to be called. Even if you are not called to this ministry, you need to be able to recognize its symptoms in others around you to better understand them and encourage them.



Chapter I – Why this ministry should be spiritual rather than psychological

Chapter II, III – What our spiritual position should be in Christ as we approach the ministry
Chapter IV – Understanding the principle of authority helps us have authority over the demons.
Chapter V – Understanding the purpose behind SRA gives us greater understanding regarding the memories and how to know the memory is completed.
Chapter VI – Rather than a formula for ministry that will not fit every person’s needs, we need goals to be achieved for each memory. This will succeed with all who are experiencing memories.
Chapter VII – Whether or not the memories are true and what to do regarding the survivor’s relationship with family or the law
Chapter VIII – How to identify whether or not a person is DID or SRA. Many criteria are listed helping make identification relatively accurate.
Chapter IX – Magic Surgery and the Structure of the Inner World – gives invaluable information to help understand the complex mind of someone who has suffered the most severe abuse
Chapter X – Explains how alternate personalities are formed, the importance of a safe place within, getting parts to manifest, how parts interact with each other, internal self-helpers, the original person, core personalities, cutting, and internal maps
Chapter XI – Getting started in deliverance ministry, breaking demons’ legal rights, our scriptural weapons and how to use them, demon tricks, knowing when demons have left, and the Gadarene Demoniac
Chapter XII – Explains the purpose of programming, how programs are formed, how parts work against the host person they live in, how to break programming, and how to bring supernatural interventions by Jesus.
Chapter XIII – The abuse identity is important to understand to bring people to freedom yet it is seldom mentioned in relation to SRA ministry. An explanation of backwards thinking is given along with ways to break its hold on the survivor.
Chapter XIV – Many survivors write poetry. This chapter contains many of their poems.

This 6 x 9 book is 244 pages long.