Discerning of Spirits in Revelation 9


In this book on Revelation 9, you will see the veil pulled aside to grant you a look into the hidden realm of demons where their tactics for influencing and harassing your life are scripturally exposed. This information will be vital for your survival as you face the challenging days ahead. Few people understand that the purveyors of the New World Order and the enemies of the church are actually worshipers of the Devil who have strong, supernatural powers. The church has more power but is largely uninformed as to the true nature of our battle. This has given the enemy opportunity to send his agents right  into our churches. Thus, the discerning of spirits is a vital gift for the end times that needs to be awakened lest you find yourself fighting “as one who beats the air.” This book, based on an allegorical interpretation of each verse of Revelation 9, includes Bible study questions at the end for individual or group study.



Chapter 1 – Time for full redemption; secrets of the sin nature exposed; pride; truth and God’s power will destroy the sin nature

Chapter 2 – Demons and our pride; demons as related to lies we believe; demonization in the church

Chapter 3 – Characteristics and functions of demons; how they affect our thoughts and desires; the forsaking of absolutes; demons and the imagination; how suffering can be redemptive

Chapter 4 – Coming into perfection; the three woes explained; revelations from heaven expose the depths of our enmity towards God; the sin nature diminishes

Chapter 5 – The spirit realms opens; God hones our spiritual senses; how demons travel; demons and world governments; curses from “Christians”

Chapter 6 – The truth about demonic power; lies have a life of their own;

Chapter 7 – Learning to discern spirits; false prophets; many examples of discerning spirits in the church; what to look for when beginning to discern

Appendixes – Bible study questions for each verse; summaries of verses and interpretations; a questionnaire for discerning pride in your own life