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The Tabernacle – Insights for the End Times


This teaching examines Exodus 25, 26, and 27 in great depth combining allegorical insights  with an inward interpretation that reveals the process believers will go through to come into the fullness of Christ in the end times.


Product Description

Coming into the fullness will involve coming to a level of holiness never before attained by the Church. In addition, God will awaken the spiritual parts of our being that died (or fell asleep) at the time of the fall. These include our spiritual body and our spiritual mind. Each part of the tabernacle and its furnishings reveal deep insights into the working of God in the lives of believers as He prepares us to be the pure spotless bride His Son is returning for. Those who come into the fullness of Christ will then minister to the rest of the true church helping others come to this same level  of maturity and depth of relationship with God. This series of eighteen hours of teaching is contained on four discs.


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