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Revelation 6 – The Four Horsemen


Patricia’s interpretation of this chapter falls right in line with the previous chapters in that it is not happening outwardly in the world but is symbolic of something taking place inwardly and spiritually in a person coming into full maturity in the end times.


Product Description

Revelation, when viewed outwardly, shows great destruction on the world, but when viewed inwardly reveals the process believers will go through in the end times to come into perfection in Christ.
As the seals are opened, things in the heart are revealed with depth and clarity that will facilitate this person’s forward progress into the Kingdom even while on earth.
The four horsemen are symbolic of the (1) unlimited power of Christ within, (2) the sin nature, (3) demonic influences and (4) the sentence of death that still indwells our body.

Video length: 64 minutes


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