dvd - ministry for sra

Ministry for SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)


In this 43-minute video, Patricia explains how to minister to persons who have suffered the severe trauma of satanic ritual abuse. It is important to understand that healing for this kind of abuse does not happen quickly due to the dividedness of their complex mind and the programming that was placed inside. This programming was purposely designed for control and to prevent the formation of a healthy identity. The unhealthy identity that was formed over a period of many years of abuse must be slowly dismantled and rebuilt in Christ a little at a time.


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It is imperative that Jesus be allowed to lead in all aspects of this ministry. Therefore, prayer and the presence of Jesus are of utmost importance. There are no formulas for how to conduct the ministry. No two persons are alike and only Jesus knows how each one will best be able to respond to the ministry.
Although there are no formulas for ministry, there are certain principles that are applicable to all persons. For example, alternate personalities and demons must be dealt with together. Demons are there because they have been given a legal right to be there. Demons are attached to each dissociated part and that part knows the legal rights that have permitted the demons access. As these legal rights are dealt with, the demons will leave.


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