dvd - Magic Surgery and the Structure of the Inner World

Magic Surgery and the Structure of the Inner World


In this powerful video, Patricia Baird Clark reveals mysteries about the structure of the inner world as found in many people who have been satanically ritually abused. This understanding of the structure was revealed to her by Jesus as a result of prayer and many thousands of hours spent ministering to SRA persons. Not all SRA persons will have this structure, but those who have been abused by mind control experts (working for the wealthy elite who plan to rule the world alongside the Antichrist) will have an organized inner structure similar to that described here.


Product Description

In prayer, Jesus will reveal the structure to the minister via the abused person if He thinks it is germane to the healing process. Knowing the structure helps us understand how extensive each person’s cult-control programming may be…e.g. if a program that takes a person out to rituals is found and dismantled, that doesn’t mean the person will no longer go out. The same program may be repeated on every level of the inner structure. Also there may be multiple programs that repeat on each level.

Knowing about magic surgery is vital if we are to help satanically abused persons. Via magic surgery, anything in the outer world can be transferred to the inner world. When a survivor talks about abuse that occurred in a certain place, the wise minister will know to suspect that that place may have been internalized via magic surgery and that parts of the personality may be trapped in the structure within.

The knowledge revealed in this 48 minute video, should greatly facilitate ministry to SRA persons and remove much of the mystery surrounding their inner world and the placing of the dissociated parts.


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